IDR 1,505,004.00
DOUBLE TRAIN Passengers 1 1

Pequetren Starter 900
This train has a dual function, it also carries additional passengers besides goods. The kit is battery powered, 2 x LR 14 (not included). The track parts are easy to slide into each other. The wagons and locomotives are made of lightweight metal. The engine emits light while driving.
Content:,1 locomotive,3 passenger coaches,3 freight wagons,12 curved track pieces,6 straight track pieces,1 station,1 bus,1 ambulance,1 fire engine,4 tons,10 vehicles / persons,10 foot,pieces for vehicles / persons
Size job: 175 x 100 cm
Path length: 4.40 m
Material: metal / plastic
Packing dimensions: 86 x 46 x 6 cm

Age : 4 years